Clear Ceramic Braces

Woman with clear ceramic bracesClear ceramic braces are a practical alternative to traditional braces, offering the same smile-enhancing benefits without the noticeable look of metal.

Just like traditional braces, clear ceramic braces feature two important components: First, a clear or tooth-colored bracket is attached to each tooth. Next, we thread a wire through the brackets. The brackets may be made of a variety of ceramic and composite materials, but you will usually hear us refer to them as “ceramic”.

Care for ceramic braces is the same as with traditional braces:

  • Elastics must be worn at all times and changed daily in order to maintain a consistent force on the teeth.
  • Hard, sticky, chewy or crunchy foods must be avoided during treatment time.
  • Soreness is normal for 2 days following the placement of new braces and adjustment appointments. Gargling with warm salt water and over-the-counter pain medications can help to relieve soreness.
  • Braces and wires should be brushed at least 2 times a day and flossed every night before bed.
  • Special mouth guards should be worn during sports play.
  • If you feel any sharp pain or a sore develops on the soft tissues of your mouth, call us so that we can remedy the situation as soon as possible.

More information is available, please visit our Living with Braces page or give us a call.

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Excellent experience with Dr. Lucey. Always greeted with a smile. She's very clear up front communicating the costs, procedures and timelines. Her office has start of the art technology and has a very comfortable setting. We highly recommend her.

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Dr. Lucey is an outstanding Orthodontist. she goes above and beyond to make sure the parents and patient are happy with the treatment. She wants us to be happy and my sons teeth perfect. I would recommend her highly. Her work is exceptional.

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I take my daughter to Dr. Lucey in Stow. She is so attentive and her patience with kids exceeds my expectations. She makes her feel comfortable on the chair by explaining things as she goes. Dr. Lucey is always willing to adjust to her needs. We are confident that our child is getting the best treatment and that this orthodontist has her patients best interest.

- Gilson S

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